Aluminum profiles for all sectors

The main sectors of extruded aluminum profiles handled by Alutecnica

Global commercial distribution
Over twenty years of experience
Cutting-edge machinery and equipment

Constant presence in the market

Thanks to their technical and commercial experience, as well as their machinery and equipment, Alutecnica operates in multiple industrial sectors and is capable of designing, producing, and industrializing various types of products, from simple machined components to complex assembled products.

Alutecnica is present in several operational sectors, including railway, automotive, naval, lighting, electromechanical, photovoltaic, urban design, mechanics, and furniture, but is currently establishing a stable presence in other areas of the market as well.

Sectors for aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles made according to the technical specifications of customers, completely customized

Railway and automotive
Hospital, acoustic and electronic
Lighting and Electromechanics
Urban design