Alutecnica produces aluminum products and profiles

Production of custom aluminum products and profiles is the specialty of Alutecnica, a company within the Aluteam Group.

13,000 square meters

We operate our business on an area of approximately 13,000 square meters, of which 6,000 are covered.

On request

We carry out custom-made work that meets the requirements requested by the client.

Customer support

We lead the customer through the different stages of product realization

Design and industrialization of aluminum products

Alutecnica, a company within the Aluteam Group, produces simple or complex semifinished aluminum products and profiles, up to finished and assembled products with accessories made of steel, plastic or other materials. Founded in 2001, Alutecnica specializes in customized solutions that meet the requirements of its clients. Offering its customers a wide range of services and leveraging its over 20 years of experience, Alutecnica places its clients' needs at the center of its service.

Alutecnica offers itself as an exclusive "project manager" to whom to turn to coordinate the entire production cycle of a product, with the aim of freeing the customer from any type of management of the production process that goes beyond simple ordering. In this perspective, the advantages for customers are evident. Field experience, innovative ideas, specialization of personnel, and adequate technology make Alutecnica the ideal commercial partner for the realization of any type of solution in aluminum, plastic, and other materials.