Alutecnica, the company of the Aluteam Group, deals with the production of aluminum products, from simple or complex semi-finished product to the finished product, assembled with its accessories that can be also made in steel, plastic or other materials. It develops its activity on the surface area of about 13.000 m², 6.000 of which are covered. Alutecnica is particularly specialized in tailor-made solutions that meet the requirements of the customer. Our core business is to guide our client through the different stages of product realization – from project development through construction and to industrialization – and to offer to our customers a wide range of services, such as:

  • preliminary study and the following final design of the required article according to the customer’s technical assignment;
  • realization of necessary dies and molds, and raw material supply;
  • preparation of the specific equipment and realization of the machining;
  • product surface treatment such as anodic oxidation, varnishing, polishing, etc.;
  • assembly using metal, plastic, etc. hardware, and following packaging.

Alutecnica offers itself as an exclusive “project manager” to contact for the coordination of the whole cycle of product realization in order to relieve the customer from any kind of production process management, that is beyond the usual ordering. In this context, the advantages for customers are obvious:

  • reduction of number of the suppliers to manage;
  • reduction of the steps of production sequence that inevitably determine the variety of costs of management;
  • reduction of possible disputes and discrepancies;
  • reduction of the delivery period;
  • greater care to the manufacturing quality and warranty.

The activity of Alutecnica is supported by an efficient internal organization and by its own qualified personnel that is constantly being involved in meeting new business challenges and searching for innovative technical solutions for the customer. Long and proven experience in the sector, innovative ideas, personnel specialization and adequate technology makes Alutecnica an ideal business partner for the realization of any type of solutions in aluminum or other materials.