Production department: the operational strength of Alutecnica

Production of aluminum products and execution of simple and complex machining processes

Ideas, technology, experience and specialization in the production of laminates and extruded aluminum profiles

Alutecnica production center

Production of arrays and supply of raw materials

Product surface treatments (such as anodic oxidation or painting)

Study and development of the preliminary and executive project of the product starting from the client's request

Preparation of specific equipment and execution of mechanical processes

Assembly through metal, steel and plastic hardware with subsequent packaging

Alutecnica's operative force is represented by its production department: every process is subjected to a procedural protocol to guarantee its correct execution.
Thanks to its experience and expertise, Alutecnica uses the necessary equipment to carry out the best processes.
All production processes, whether internal or external, are pre-planned and controlled for the total satisfaction of the customer.