business sectors

Thanks to the technical and/or commercial personnel experience and to the equipment and machinery at its disposal, Alutecnica operates in different industry sectors, being able to design, realize and industrialize various types of product, from simple machined parts to a more complex assembled product. Main business sectors where Alutecnica is present are: railway and automotive industries, shipbuilding, lighting, electronics, photovoltaics, street furniture production, mechanics, furnishing. Furthermore, the company is being currently settling down into the other industry sectors as well.


Alutecnica has been working in this sector since several years, having chosen a double direction: creating the components of a

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Alutecnica was one of the first companies in Italy that produced frames for the photovoltaic panels by order of leading

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The characteristics of lightness and elasticity together with the variety of existing alloys make aluminum a strategic material for this

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The furnishing sector represents the historical root of Alutecnica: handles, shutters, baseboards and mouldings are just a part of the

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Construction industry sector contains a great number of products realized by Alutecnica: greenhouses, shower booths, automation for gates and doors,

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