Upon completion of the manufacturing process, our company offers the opportunity to carry out all types of finishing (painting, anodizing, etc..) as well as many other treatments, making use of high-specialized and qualified suppliers. For that matter, Alutecnica guarantees that all the processes of subcontracting are performed according to the quality standards and are subjected to rigorous internal controls so as to ensure the constant quality of the product and a highly competitive price. Alutecnica offers to its customers the possibility to avail of the warehouse service for raw materials – possessing a warehouse of about 1500 sqm – that permits, when receiving the orders with a scheduled delivery or even small orders, however related to the production of a minimum batch quantity, to supply large quantities of the material, lowering thus the cost of raw materials. Not least of all, Alutecnica is able to ensure quick and efficient delivery service using its own means and/or reliable carriers of cargo.

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